IT that works for you

Direct Connect Computer Systems is a complete technology solution provider for Cleveland area law firms. Through our team of talented IT experts and customized managed IT services for Northeast Ohio attorneys, we help you get the most from your technology while taking the worries out of IT so you can focus on what you do best.

As an entrepreneur and passionate IT expert, James Conley founded Direct Connect Computer Systems in 1992 with a goal to directly connect small businesses to the appropriate computer technologies by providing the most reliable and professional IT service in Cleveland.

Jim developed his passion for technology while in the U.S. Army in the early 1980s. Even though he was assigned an infantryman, he spent much of his time in the Army working on computers within administrative units. After four years, he returned home and worked in banking as an IT program analys t, and around the same time, he also followed his passion for music and opened the first record store in Geauga County. He went on to work for a local computer sales and service company in downtown Cleveland, and got a first-hand look at small businesses and their need for technology services.

Armed with extensive IT experience and bit by the entrepreneurial bug, Jim had an itch to open his own technology firm—which he did with Direct Connect Computer Systems. Throughout all the changes in technology over the last quarter century, Jim and Direct Connect have become trusted advisors and IT management authorities for hundreds of businesses, including many Cleveland area law firms.

Jim shared his considerable experience and longevity in the IT industry as the co-author of the 2016 book “How  .” He wrote the book to provide business owners with a foundation to help them make the right decision when choosing a technology consultant who can help them contribute to the success of their organization, and navigate constantly changing technology, a dizzying amount of choices and an alphabet soup of acronyms.

As a hands-on owner, Jim believes in delivering exceptional service and value that raise the standards for all consultants in the industry as part of building long-term business relationships with technology providing a true competitive advantage.